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"Full of vitality and color is the funky psychedelic rock stylings of the Sidleys 'The Love You Make'. Passionate to its very core the way the songs unfold gives them a majestic tenor...Melodies are infectious and the grooves so inviting..." - Skope Magazine

"'You and I' is the song of summer 2017...I just love The Sidleys" - Lynn Veronneau WERA 96.7 FM Music Alley Radio

"The Sidleys, the coolest live band in the entire galaxy" YIKIS 

"The group cites a wide variety of influences spanning several generations, and the listener can sense both musical kinship and a depth of artistic maturity in the songs, especially on new album The Love You Make, which was released earlier this year. Blending a vintage feel with modern energy, The Sidleys create a timeless, soulful sound that is simultaneously easy on the ears and relentlessly hooky." Squatchful

"The Sidleys new album "The Love You Make" is 2017's soundtrack of the summer!" - Cerphe Colwell (former DJ for DC101 and WHFS)

Our new single

"Lately I Don't See You Anymore"

is available here 

Lately I Don't See You AnymoreThe Sidleys
00:00 / 03:33

Vocals: Annie Sidley

Vocals, guitars: Steve Sidley

Vocals, bass: Colin Sidley

Drums: Sean Sidley

Keyboards: Ian Sidley


Cello: Jennifer Smith

Violin: Paul Bagley


Produced by Steve and Annie Sidley
Mixed by Doug Derryberry
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper
Copyright 2017 My Money Records
All rights reserved ASCAP Song Ave

All songs written by Steve and Annie Sidley


© 2016 The Sidleys    created by js